The wedding planning niche has always been a surefire seller, but if you look on Amazon or Etsy for either KDP books or printables, you’ll discover that there are thousands of available products.

Instead, think about “sub-niches” that are related to the wedding planning market, but not as saturated.

Take the Maid of Honor niche for example. There aren’t nearly as many available products on both Amazon or Etsy, yet the ones that appear are selling like wildfire.

Take a look at this journal, for example,

It’s earning over $1500 a month, was published by someone just like you, and the interiors are rather basic.

Or, this one,, which is earning over $700 a month on autopilot with no advertising – also published by a self-publisher like us.

And yet another, this one earning over $250 a month from a single book, and with zero paid marketing involved:

To help you get started, I’ve designed a maid of honor 2-in-1 bundle which includes a low content book for Amazon as well as a printable pack for Etsy (or your own shop).

Be sure to take a look at the bonus guide that includes keywords and categories for this hot market, as well as prewritten book blurbs and descriptions.

The key to being successful with low content books and/or printables is to start with the main niche. These are the monster markets that are not only evergreen but proven to be profitable.

Then, dig beneath the surface so you’re able to target sub-niches that while not quite as popular are still very profitable.

Not only will it be easier for you to maximize your income, but you’ll be able to gain exposure on book and printable markets without paid advertising or a lot of external legwork.

Give it a try!