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Low Content Playbook is built on time-tested, actionable strategies for making six-figures a year in low content publishing.

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If you’ve spent any amount of time in low content publishing groups, blogs, or on YouTube channels, you’ll quickly notice a common theme: 


Most people publish thousands of books in the hope of finding something that sticks.
But is that even necessary?

Can you make real money in low content publishing without having to create thousands of journals and planners?

The answer is, YES!

My team and I earn thousands of dollars a month in the low content publishing space.

This includes Kellie Dixon, who has been earning 5-figures a month in low content publishing since mid-2018, and our friend and KDP superstar, Jake, who hit a $25,000 month after studying – and applying -  the same methods included in this Playbook. #WIN

>> (you can read our interview with him on our blog,

Not to mention countless others online whose lives were changed with Amazon KDP.

So, what do we all have in common?

My team and I had published fewer than 200 books when we all hit our first 5-figure month!

So, what are we doing that so many others aren’t who have published thousands of books, but aren’t even hitting a 4-figure month?

The simple answer is, we are creating what we know is proven to sell while staying clear of the oversaturated markets. 


We don’t have the time to create thousands of low content books (who the heck does?), and we don’t focus on the obvious niches because they’re far too competitive, meaning they’d take way too much work (and money) when it comes to boosting visibility.


We also realized early on that it didn’t have to be a numbers game, and that we weren’t interested in creating a massive inventory of low content books before we started earning enough to make it worth our while.

That would be way too discouraging.  

We wanted to boost our chances at making nearly-instant sales with fewer books.
And to those of you who stuck it out until you had thousands of low content books on Amazon, good job staying focused and dedicated! 

But here’s the hard truth:

You can make a great income in low content publishing without ever having to publish that many books. 
In fact, I would dare go so far as to say that if you take a good, honest look at your sales, chances are you’ll discover that only a small handful of those books are the ones making up the bulk of your income.


Focusing on quality over quantity is the most important thing you can do, but that is just the first step in being successful with low content books. 


Making real money on Amazon gets a whole lot easier when you avoid the go-to niches, venture off the beaten path and plug in a couple of “extensions” into your low content business that make it easy for you to grow a customer base which of course, means more money. 
In other words, you are about to do things very differently than you are likely doing now. 

And it will make all the difference in your ability to earn a full-time income from low-content books.


And we know; you’re probably fed up with hearing about how other people are earning so much money on Amazon, but never telling you exactly how to do it.

Instead, they throw out things like “build up your inventory and you’ll make a killing” or “create a unique brand so you stand out”, but they never tell you what they actually did!

Well, we’re going to change all that. 

Not only are we about to share our personal strategies for making six figures a year with low content books, but we’re going to break it down for you so it’s very easy to follow. 


No guesswork. No confusing steps. No bullshit.
With this playbook, it’s our goal to provide you with a better, clearer sense of direction than you’ve ever had before and that we can open your eyes to new ideas and strategies that have not only worked for us, but for countless others.


This is the mini-course we wish we had when we started out.

 Let’s begin!


Before we dive into the proven strategies to making money with low content books, we want to make sure you’re in the right mindset when it comes to this business.

You’ve heard the success stories from countless low-content publishers, like us, who are earning thousands of dollars a month. We’ve proven what can happen. So, you’re excited (and you should be!) and determined to carve out a full-time income for yourself.

You’re our kind of person. <3

And with the strategies we’re about to share with you, we’re confident that you’ll soon be well on your way towards building a successful business of your own.

However, getting into the mindset of success also means being realistic and going in with a rock-solid game plan.

Because the truth is, many new low content publishers give up after only just a few months because they aren’t seeing the results they were hoping for – or the results that they know others have achieved. 

Instead of focusing on their actual growth and how they are creating a platform based on long-term success, they lack the patience and determination which causes them to quickly lose focus.

They were expecting instant results.

You aren’t going to make this mistake.

Earning 6-figures a year in low content publishing requires a mindset focused on the long game. It will take time to build your inventory of books, create your customer base and find your groove.

However, if you are consistently working on this business and applying the strategies we’re going to teach you, you will be successful. At first, you’ll experience small wins that will grow over time.

Perhaps you’ll hit $1,000 a month for the first time. Then, you’ll see a surge of seasonal sales that will drive your income up to $5,000 from a single book. Then you might hit the $10,000 milestone faster than you thought possible.

The key is to go into this with a clear head, a realistic outlook, tons of determination and a focus on being consistent. We can’t express how important this is! 

Consistency has been the secret to our success, as well as the success of every one of our team members.

If there’s one thing we do right, it’s being consistent. Some days that simply means creating a single low content book. Other days, we’re publishing 20 in an afternoon.

Because the thing is, it doesn’t matter HOW MUCH you are doing, only that you are doing SOMETHING every day.

Those little things will quickly add up.  And after a while, they’ll turn into success-based habits that will keep you motivated and focused.

Because I dare say that no one in this business experienced overnight success.  Few of us even earned more than a few hundred dollars in our first couple months of publishing.

In fact, we all worked very hard at this business for a few months before we experienced our first major wins.

Had we given up only have a month or so, we wouldn’t be making the kind of money we are today. But because we went into it with reasonable expectations and the knowledge that yeah, this is going to take work and it’s going to take time, we didn’t give up.

And now, for most of us, it’s become one of our top sources of income!

And that’s what we want for you.

We want you to be successful and to never give up. To believe that if this can happen for us, it can happen for you, because it can.  There is no reason you can’t earn 6-figures a year from Amazon KDP, or at the very least, earn enough money to make this one of your top side hustles.

This attitude and determination will set you apart from the competition and will ultimately help you build a business that’s geared towards long-term success rather than only being able to make money here and there, or only during seasonal trends (or the odd stroke of luck).

Because once you build up your inventory and have months of sales data to reflect on, you’ll begin to see patterns emerge. You’ll uncover profitable markets automatically just by watching your numbers and following niches.

You’ll also know what seasonal products outsell the others and more importantly, how to create evergreen products to pad your sales in between the seasonal highs and lows.

And finally, you’ll be able to anticipate your monthly earnings (to some degree) after you’ve been consistent over time.

Things will become a lot easier for you and you’ll feel you have a clearer vision of the road ahead. You’ll know where your time should be spent and how to cut down on your workload so that you’re focusing only on the things that matter.

But it does take time.

And above all else, it takes being consistent.

There’s that word again!

This is the success mindset we want you to get into. You aren’t going to expect instant riches or overnight success. You’ll go into this business with realistic expectations, reasonable goals and a clear outlook.

And you will be successful.

And again, you’ll also be miles ahead of so many others who go into this business thinking of it as just a quick money grab and then fade out quickly.

There’s a lot more money to make in this incredible industry than hitting a single $10k month simply because you got lucky and rode a seasonal wave with no clue how to replicate those results.

And more importantly, it won’t take thousands of books to get there! And that’s the point I want to drill home.

Focus on creating high-quality books and you’ll always make more money. The initial time you invest in creating (or editing) interiors will be time well spent. I promise.

And when you apply the strategies in this Playbook, you’ll be able to create a sustainable system that makes money all year round.

The Low Content Publishing Playbook Mantra:

I am going to focus on my own business.  I will not compare myself to anyone else. I will set goals and celebrate every milestone win, great and small.  I will be consistent, dedicated and I will be successful.


Many people don’t know what the difference is between no-content and low-content books, so let us quickly explain:

Low content books include things like coloring books, activity books, writing prompt journals or any other book that includes either illustrations/graphics or text.  In other words, there is a substantial amount of content.

This doesn’t mean that every page must be filled with text. In fact, you’ll be keeping the content relatively light, but your books should always include a text-based or graphic-based component.

No content books include little or nothing but lined pages, and because Amazon doesn’t allow people to publish entirely blank books, no content publishers will often add just a basic design element, such as an outline or a single date line in order to get around this rule.

No content books don’t include illustrations or graphics and there isn’t any text, or if there is, it’s very minimal.

For the most part, we avoid no content books.  And it’s our opinion that they’ll never make you as much money as low content books will.


Well, with low content books you’re able to design beautiful interiors that are tailored to specific niche markets. Your designs will help you stand out and they’ll be unique (or at least somewhat unique) to your brand.

With no content books, you’re in a tough position when it comes to competing because the only difference between you and another no content publisher is your cover.  And those can be easily copied.

With low content books, since you’re including interiors that feature text and/or graphics, it’s not as easy for someone to come along and replicate all your products.

If you want to make a 6-figure income with low content publishing, we strongly suggest that you focus on publishing low content rather than no content.  Or at least a mix with low-content being your primary focus.

Of course, the choice is yours, but from our experience, low content books will, once again, always outsell and always be easier to promote.

In fact, if we were in the no content market, we wouldn’t even dare invest in advertising because even if we managed to get a product on the first page on Amazon, someone can easily come along and copy our product, run an ad campaign with a higher budget and knock us off the top.

As for how much text we recommend including in your low content books, it depends on your niche. 

If you’re interested in creating coloring books, for example, then every page should obviously feature an illustration.

But if you’re interested in publishing low content books in other markets, like the self-help market, you’ll want to include some sort of text-guided component on every single page. 

This could include motivational and inspirational messages, self-reflection quotes or even simple guided prompts.

Again, your niche will determine how much text-based guidance your customers are looking for, so it’s important to research your niche so you understand what that is.

Caveat for Beginners:
If you’re brand new to low content publishing, starting with no content books will certainly make things a lot easier and help you get a feel for how publishing books via Amazon KDP works. So, by all means – start with no content if you don’t have the funds or skills to create detailed interiors.

But when you want to scale up, it’s time to switch over to low content books.

You can use no-content to pad your account with fresh content while working on low-content interiors, but most your books should be low content, not no content. 

That way you’re able to create a brand that is at least somewhat unique and make it harder for the competition to copy what you’re doing.

To your success,

Kate Riley,

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