In our current climate, it’s not surprising that sales in both the self-help and weight loss niche are skyrocketing.

With people feeling stressed and anxious because of the pandemic, more and more are turning to printables that help them set and achieve their goals, or simply document their anxiety as they work through it.

Recently, I posted a poll in my Facebook group asking people to guess what the currently hot (and ever-growing) niche was as reported by several Etsy shop owners who have purchased my done-for-you printable packs in order to fill their storefront with fresh content.

The options were:

* Weight Loss
* Self Help
* Real Estate / Buying / Selling
* Homeschool / Virtual School
* Online business printables

I wasn’t surprised to discover that the overwhelming majority chose “Homeschool / Virtual School” printables with self-help taking second place.

After all, with schools constantly changing from in-person classes to virtual, it makes sense that this niche would be at the top of the charts. In fact, some kids were thriving with the virtual school model to the point where many parents decided to homeschool them even when school reopened.

And many of them turned to educational-based printables as a way to help their kids stay on track.

But while this market has seen an enormous increase over the last 14-16 months, this isn’t the niche that is on the rise.

Before I reveal what the niche is, I want to point out something very important in terms of thinking outside the box and why you’ll always see certain markets become crowded while others are wide open for the taking.

This poll not only included many of the niches most affected by the pandemic but more importantly, the poll results revealed something far more important—something I hope helps shape the way you think about what niches you might be overlooking.

Over 175 people voted on homeschooling.


Because to them, it was an obvious choice. The pandemic changed the way hundreds of thousands of kids receive an education so of course, homeschooling and virtual school printables are on the rise.

But sometimes choosing the “obvious” niche isn’t the best way forward.

Instead, think beyond the obvious markets and you’ll often find many that are under-served despite an ever-growing demand.

These are the markets you can easily make a splash in, even with few products or a brand new shop because there are far more people looking to purchase products than there are vendors and merchants creating them!

Ready to find out what the niche is?

Keep in mind that this niche received fewer than 20 votes, the lowest of all the poll options!

Niche Reveal
The Real Estate Niche!

The pandemic has drastically affected the real estate market and more and more people are selling their homes to move out into the country, or due to job loss, job transfer or to simplify life.

Further, with the growing cost of lumber due to the pandemic, people aren’t building as much as they are purchasing lower-cost homes.

In my part of the world, even smaller provinces like Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island have seen historical highs in terms of a fast increase in population as well as real estate prices. And with lower interest rates because of the pandemic, more people are buying homes.

Only 16 people guessed this niche in my Facebook group and one of them is a realtor who left a comment saying there aren’t a lot of high-quality printables in this market. She knows because she has personally looked for them for her clients.

This goes back to finding these underserviced markets where demand is high, competition is low.

And she isn’t the only one on the hunt for printables in this ever-growing market. In fact, another one of my customers has seen an increase of over 5-figures in the last few months alone just from this one niche.

But before you set out to design printables for the real estate market (or low content books for Amazon), let’s go back to the earlier lesson where nearly everyone in my group all guessed the same niche (home school) and therefore likely set out to all design the same type of printables.

With real estate, the obvious go-to printable niches would be:

> Buying a Home
> Selling a Home

And these are 2 great printable packs to start with, especially on Etsy.

But let’s take it a step further and think beyond the obvious because again, that is how you stand out in even the most crowded markets.

What other niches are closely associated with buying or selling a home?

Here’s how I would begin.

Credit repair printables:
Potential homebuyers need to establish a certain FICO score to qualify for a mortgage so it makes sense that printables designed to help consumers track and improve their credit scores are on the rise.

Home Improvement/Renovation Projects
I received an email just the other day from a customer who told me she had just refinanced her house and was starting to work on a bunch of home renovation projects. She asked for printables that track all the different projects as well as expenses.

Saving-Based printables
Printables that are designed to help future home-buyers save up money for the downpayment and closing costs. Illustration-based printable designs are always in-demand

Another one of my customer’s asked for printables geared towards renovation projects niche he was fixing his house up to sell and needed printables that would help him check off his massive to-do list.

Then you have 2 different groups of consumers in this market as mentioned earlier: buyer and sellers.

What type of printables would sellers need?

We’ve already touched on home improvements, but what about packing lists, moving day printables and if you design printable stickers you could capitalize on this market by creating packing stickers and labels for rooms and storage.

What kind of printables would buyers need?

We’ve already touched on credit score trackers, but what else is involved with improving their credit scores and purchasing a home?

Remember, think beyond the main niche (real estate) and you’ll uncover many underserviced markets. This is what we call low-hanging fruit!

Printables that are designed around budgeting, paying down debt, obtaining a credit utilization score of 30% or less, as well as printables geared towards communication with mortgage brokers, and so on.

And of course, house hunting, neighborhood charts for those considering different areas, and so on.

The possibilities in this ever-growing niche are endless and the more you analyze the market as a whole, rather than the obvious ones that stand out, the easier it will be for you to maximize your income because you will be targeting the less-competitive sections of a bigger market.

To help you get started, I’ve created a brand new, done-for-you Real Estate Printable Kit.

It comes with commercial-use rights so you can sell these as your own on your Etsy shop (or anywhere else you choose). It comes with everything you need to jump into this winning niche. 🙂

Even if you don’t purchase my package, I still hope this post proves useful in encouraging you to think outside the box when it comes to niche research.

Always look at the bigger picture by creating a profile of the average customer and then think from their perspective.

  • What do they need most?
  • What kind of printables would they use most often? (as to encourage repeat buyers)
  • What kind of layouts and design elements are useful in helping them take action?
  • What other printables might be useful in factoring decisions around that market?

If you want to create a stand-out brand, do your best to always gain a broader, full outlook when you research niches. Don’t go for the obvious and you’ll find it a whole lot easier to build a profitable business.

You’ve got this.